Gregory W. Caskey

Applied Microeconomics, Economic Development, & Political Economy
I'm a Ph.D. Candidate in Economics in my 4th year at George Mason University, as well as a Graduate Fellow in the F.A. Hayek Program for Advanced Study in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at the Mercatus Center.  My research focuses on applied microeconomics, economic development, and political economy. Under the supervision of my committee chairman, Tyler Cowen, I will be defending my dissertation,  "Three Essays on the Role of China in the Developing World", in Spring 2022.
  • My job market paper, "Chinese Development Lending & the Amplification Effect", examines the effects of Chinese development lending and foreign aid upon the political institutions of recipient countries. 
    • Committee: Tyler Cowen (Chair), Christopher J. Coyne, Peter T. Leeson 
My research has been published in Business Ethics Quarterly, Journal of Markets & Morality, and The Independent Review. I'm currently working on several projects on the economic and political consequences of China's Belt and Road Initiative, China's policies towards ethnic minorities in Xinjiang, the political economy of cultural assimilation, the effects of repression on international trade, and the relationship between economic freedom and philanthropy. 


Greg Caskey

Ph.D. Candidate in Economics at George Mason University