Gregory W. Caskey

Political Economy, Development, & Public Choice


Curriculum Vitae

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Working Papers
  • State Capacity and Predation: The Case of the Uyghurs in Xinjiang (with I. Murtazashvili)
  • Chinese Overseas Lending & the Amplification Effect
  • Knowledge, Adaptability, and China’s Belt and Road Initiative
  • The Ostroms in Beijing (with M. Cai, W. Law, W. Lin, I. Murtazashvili, and J. Murtazashvili)
  • Trails of Tears: The Political Economy of Cultural Assimilation (with A. Crepelle, W. Law, and I. Murtazashvili)
  • Respect the Troops: A Theory of Social Praise (with C. Reilly and P. Leeson)
Works in Progress
  • The Honorable Business of Paying the Preacher (with A. Carden and Z. Kessler)