Gregory W. Caskey

Political Economy, Development, & Public Choice


Below is an overview of the courses I've taught at George Mason University, including syllabi and course evaluations (links included) as well as a sample of student testimonials.

Courses Taught

ECON 103: Microeconomic Principles (Spring 2021)
ECON 385: International Economic Policy (Fall 2020)

Student Testimonials

ECON 103: Microeconomic Principles (Course evaluation, p. 15)
  • "I enjoyed how engaged the professor was with the students."
  • "Professor is such a engaging person and lets others speak."
  • "He made the content so interesting and easy to understand. He was also very funny and explained everything very clearly, to the point, and in a relatable manner. He was always available for help..."
  • "The professor is experienced and also entertaining, the readings and textbooks were insightful and yet easy to understand, and the weekly quizzes reinforced the material well. All said, this is my favorite class yet."
  • "I enjoyed the general environment that was created throughout the course itself."
  • "The fact that the professor made lots of jokes, while teaching the class, is what made the class extremely entertaining. Additionally, the teacher always tried keeping the students engaged in the class, which was much needed."
ECON 385: International Economic Policy (Course evaluation, p. 14)
  • "The teaching was great; I felt that I could ask questions and that they would be answered enthusiastically."
  • "Very stimulating and entertaining lectures"
  • "Professor Caskey is an excellent teacher and supplies great resources in order to help better understand the material."
  • "ECON 103 with Prof. Caskey was a great class. He delivers the content clearly and really well. He is caring. His classroom is a healthy environment. He is flexible with grades. Would take him again with no hesitation."
  • "ECON 103 with Professor Caskey has been my most enjoyable class to date. The lectures are great, with humor every now and then, and the concepts are taught in a straightforward manner."
  • "Professor Caskey is one of the best professors Ive ever had. His lectures are never boring, he's constantly cracking jokes, but always makes sure that everyone everyone understands the content. Definitely my favorite class and would take again in a heartbeat."